catherine henggeler

pashmina shawls, woolen shawls, silk scarves, wrist warmers

Catherine Henggeler stands for exquisite colours, long lasting styles, sustainable production, highest quality, hand dyed, in-house stitching and piece dyeing, just in time delivery are keywords.


Catherine Henggeler personally produces limited edition accessoiries like silk scarves, piece dyes Pashmina shawls, woolen shawls and wrist warmers of highest quality. 

A huge colour range is her trade mark.


market days are

7. – 10.12.2023

14.- 17.12.2023


we look forward to your visit

a word to the production of Catherine’s collection

please bear with me. I will add more information here in regards to production, definition of textile terms etc

piece dyeing in Catherine’s studio cum home space

Catherine mixes her colours like an alchemist. She uses the prime colours red, blue and yellow to create all the colours of the rainbow. 

hems: hand rolled vs machine finishing

All of the digitally printed silk scarves are finished in Roberto’s studio in the Provincia di Como. Here the workers have a fixed salary and normal working hours. Regular audits controll the working situation. 

We believe in machine rolling the hems of the scarves. As Roberto justly says: “il mercato non paga” which means that nobody pays fair wages for hand rolled hems, neither in Italy nor in India nor in Switzerland.