catherine henggeler

fashion accessories like pashmina shawls, woolen shawls, silk scarves, wrist warmers

You find the label catherine henggeler on fashion accessories in highest quality.

My name stands for beautiful pashmina shawls, woolen shawls, silk scarves, and wrist warmers.

My creations are known for exquisite colours, long lasting styles, sustainable production, in-house  hand-piece-dyeing, artisanal stitching, ready for just in time delivery.

I personally produces my limited edition accessories in my studio. The shawls are woven in Nepal and India while the digital printed scarves are fully produced in Italy. As an artist I designs all my creation. 

An unlimited colour range is my trade mark.

When I visit my clients they regularly ask me: “what are your new creations?” This I perfectly understand. The market lives from innovation be it in fashion or any other field. 

But then, does everything constantly have to be replaced by something new?

While I am working on this website a friend in New York and a customer in Chur contacted me. Both ladies were sad to have lost one of my shawls. They wanted a replacement. How nice is this?