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Catherine Henggeler

im Stoffel 5

8887 Mels


+41 79 243 14 77

Catherine's Loft BnB und Catherine Henggeler Accessoires

entrance to the "Weberei"

my home in “Stoffel”, the former textile mill

In March 2020, right at the beginning of the first Corona Lockdown, I moved to the “Stoffel”, the former textile mill in Mels. Here I live in an interesting neighborhood. It is actually an old textile mill that had been converted into residential use. The different volumes remind us of the history of the place: Weberei (weaving unit), Spinnerei (spinning unit), Färberei (dyeing unit) and Oeffnerei (the place where the cotton bales had arrived and were prepared for spinning). In the ’80s I made a living from weaving one-of-a-kind jackets and now I live in the Weberei.

While I live and work in my loft in the Weberei, I actually have a true dyeing unit in my space. The old dyeing unit was torn down and replaced by a newly constructed modern appartment block that carries the name Färberei.


Catherine's Loft BnB

guests from near and far are welcome in my bed and breakfast

In my Loft BnB I offer a bed for short time guests. Mels is at the end of the first leg of the longdistance hiking trail Via Alpina 1. The trail starts in Vaduz, Lichtenstein and goes all the way through the Swiss Alps to Montreux. I love meeting people from near and far, learn from them and use my different languages. Some guests have become friends! 

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